To start the day …. “Ty Defoe: Native American Artist …. “!!


~~February 27, 2016~~ 


Two Spirits, One Dance

A Red Face in the Crowd: Identities of A Native American Two-Spirit Writer

“In shape-shifting, through the arts and social circles, I aspire to bring those who aren’t usually heard to the table. I raise these questions: How can we all utilize our artistic practice to challenge the formulas of privilege? How can creative artists and decision makers challenge their infrastructure to build a new nation of theatre?

In my Trans/two-spirit communities, we can use theatre making tools to express, to heal, to celebrate, and to tell our stories on stages. There is a teaching I received when I was given a sacred hoop dance. It was that we are all connected in this great circle of life.

The symbol of the hoop is important because it unifies all living things.

In a circle there are no corners in which to hide, and in this circle unifying all living things, we must stand next to and across from each other as equals. Healing, celebrating, telling together, though our stories differ.

A new nation of theatre.”

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~~Two Spirits, One Dance For Native American Artist~~

~~Published on Feb 25, 2016~~

“Two-spirit” is how some Native Americans describe people whose gender identity doesn’t fit as strictly male or female. Meet Ty DeFoe, who’s using traditional dance to take this gender identity back from the negative connotations established during colonization.

Shot by video journalist Courtney Quirin for AJ+.




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