My Awesome Bubble …. “the perfect place to be …. “!!


~~March 7. 2016~~ 


For as long as we can celebrate

There are short moments,
When the whole world gets caught inside a bubble,
Made of the brightest gold.

Launching fireworks instead of missiles,
Taking shots with cameras not guns,
Giving gifts not bombs.

For a few days we forget how to hate,
Relearn love,
Live without fear for at least a while.

Dancing and cheering,
Laughing and singing,
Decorating and Playing.

Replace the dodging and screaming,
The crying and pleading,
The hiding and running.

Inside that bubble,
All is good,
For as long as we can celebrate,
We can be kind.

Parsavagely Kompenere
Feb 28, 2015



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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