Something to think about …. “Turtle Lives Matter …. “!!


~~March 17, 2016~~ 


Turtle In the Road! – What Should I Do?
 Help them to cross the street!

Our modern roads cut off generations old nesting grounds.
First, be safe, while helping the turtle, busy streets are dangerous for would be rescuers and turtles alike. Put on your hazard lights and pull fully off the road.

Make sure other drivers see you, before stepping onto a road.

You mostly see turtles crossing roads between April and October.

They do this for many reasons. In the spring, male turtles are looking for females and territory to call their own, while females are looking for places to nest. During the late summer and fall, hatchling turtles are digging up from nests, looking for water and later on males and females are heading to places to hibernate.

Sometimes they are migrating to a more suitable spot to live.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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