Thoughts for today, #359 …. “Jenner …. you have a problem”!!


~~March 18, 2016~~ 


When the week began, longtime conservative Caitlyn Jenner was voicing her support for the republicans, while launching personal attacks at Hillary Clinton.

By the time the week ended, Jenner was posting a selfie she’d just taken with Clinton. It wasn’t a complete reversal of Jenner’s position, but it was a remarkably quick softening of her views.

For all the talk of Hillary Clinton not being a naturally gifted politician in front of the cameras, the incident revealed just how adept she is behind the scenes – and how little she cares about getting her feelings hurt.


Hillary quickly seized on what many of us had recognized: Caitlyn Jenner is in a tricky position.

She still holds many of the same conservative republican views that she always has. But now that she’s become one of the de facto faces of the LGBT movement, she’s struggling with the fact that most of her own party leaders hold distinctly anti-LGBT views.

She’s also facing backlash from the LGBT community, and from her fellow transgender people, for trying to cling to her longtime conservative beliefs.

That means Hillary was in a position to help out Caitlyn while helping herself.

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John Fugelsang

Snarky Democrat


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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