Something to think about …. “Not that long ago …. What’s the difference?”!!


~~March 24, 2016~~


It was Sunday, February 7, 2016 …. eyes glued to the TV for the most important sports event (for some).

Everyone always waits for the half-time show. Much more so this year, Beyoncé was to perform.

Then, all hell broke loose when the performance aired. Before long, social media was exploding with expressions on each side of the event.

Fast forward to recent times. This time, in the political area, something happened which took intelligent beings back in time. We were taken to an era in history that was a shame, a disgrace and dark times …. Nazi Germany, Heil Hitler salutes.

I found myself shuddering.

Wonder if you did?



Days after Beyoncé’s Super Bowl half-time show in which dancers were clad in Black Panther inspired costumes and one dancer held up a “Justice 4 Mario Woods” sign, the controversy continued to grow.

There’s an anti-Beyoncé protest rally in front of the NFL headquarters planned for Feb. 16, a Boycott Beyonce sign-up page, and a social media hashtag #boycottBeyonce that people are using when addressing the performance — from both sides of the issue.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


Was The Woman Giving The Nazi Salute At Trump Rally In Chicago A Supporter Of Donald Or Bernie?



Facebook Timeline

The Good, the Chad, & the Ugly


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We ALL are ONE!!


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