At the end of the day …. “Ellen’s response to Mississippi’s anti-LGBT law …. Update”!!


~~April 12, 2016~~ 


A few days ago, I wrote a post where Ellen DeGeneres expressed her personal opinion about the bill that was signed into law in the state of Mississippi.

That first post included a short version of her monologue in her April 6 show.

I found this longer, more complete version.

It explains, in more detail, why this law is totally against basic human rights and totally discriminatory in so many ways.




Human Rights Campaign

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It seems that pressure, of any kind, will bring about a change


North Carolina Pat McCrory issues executive order to protect gay and lesbian state employees, a band-aid on a brain hemorrhage and a poor effort to correct the harmful House Bill 2 he signed into law.

As it stands, existing protections for gay and transgender people are still lacking, existing rights for everyone under state nondiscrimination law is eroded, and transgender individuals are forced to use the wrong restroom in schools and other government buildings.

This law – an unprecedented attack on LGBT rights – strips away discrimination protections for LGBT people across the state and mandates discrimination against transgender people.

Can you be refused service in a store because of your sexual orientation?


Can you be turned away from a hotel on the basis of your gender identity?


Overnight, Governor McCrory and lawmakers transformed North Carolina into one of the most hateful states in the nation for LGBT people. North Carolina’s law makes it public policy to harass, bully, humiliate, target, and punish LGBT people – especially transgender people just trying to use a bathroom.

ACLU Nationwide

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~Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out Against Mississippi’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law~

~~Published on Apr 7, 2016~~

Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi recently signed into law state bill HB 1523, which allows religious organizations and private business to refuse services to people on the grounds that it would violate their religious beliefs.

Ellen DeGeneres used her opening monologue to address Mississippi’s new law — one that, in general, targets members of the LGBT community. “That is the definition of discrimination,” said DeGeneres. “It is also something that the Supreme Court already ruled on when they made marriage a right for everyone. Everyone.”

Under the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, gay and transexual individuals can be denied housing and even fired. These steps backwards for equal rights strike a chord with DeGeneres, who has dealt with her fair share of discrimination in the past for her sexual orientation.

“So if you’re in Mississippi or North Carolina or anywhere, and are saddened by the fact that people are judging you based on who you love, don’t lose hope,” pleaded DeGeneres. “I was fired for being gay and I know what it feels like. I lost everything, but look at me now.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


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