U.S. Congress and Financial Control Board must learn the HISTORY of Puerto Rico

Almost no one in the US knows, or cares about, the history of Puerto Rico … “Of the 535 Senators and Congresspersons in Washington D.C., less than five of them know much about Puerto Rico … and none of those five are in senior positions of power.”
The legislators may claim to but if they do, they are too busy and “enthralled” by the monies that will be coming into their pockets when this crazy “Financial Control Board”/PROMESA crap goes through!! Arrgghh ….


Book - 12-10

Of the 535 Senators and Congresspersons in Washington D.C., less than five of them know much about Puerto Rico…and none of those five are in senior positions of power. 

These 535 legislators are responsible for the 1920 Jones Act, which has strangled the island’s economy for 96 years. Now in 2016, they’re responsible for a bankruptcy disaster and a Financial Control Board. For the benefit of these lawmakers, here is a history lesson on Puerto Rico:


It is deeply irresponsible, to make laws for 3.7 million people without knowing anything about them. We urge these politicians to stoplisteningtolobbyists for just a few minutes…and to stop letting those lobbyists write our laws.

The only way to do this, is for the politicians to learn a bit of history.

It’s not very difficult…and it’s not too much to ask.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto…

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About Dr. Rex

I'm originally from Puerto Rico. I was born in Santurce and raised in Rio Piedras. Have lived in Florida since 1999. I have a doctorate degree in Medicine; completed in 1976. My Internal Medicine specialty was completed in 1979. Worked for Puerto Rico's health system until 1985. At this time, I'm happily retired after working for the federal government for almost 28yrs. I want to offer any knowledge that I have to anyone "out there" who is interested. My views are liberal in almost every sense. My knowledge is "eclectic" - a bit of everything. Music and reading are my passion. Blogging has also become a very interesting endeavor. Metaphysical topics attract me. I'm interested in news reporting human issues like injustice, discrimination and abuse - the "wrongly" affected. My intention is to bring this knowledge to an understandable level and to help anyone in need. I'm open to questions and will answer them to the best of my ability. Currently working on an enterprise whose main mission will be to bring peoples of all walks of life together. To be one .... since we ALL are ONE!! The future looks bright and promising!!!

7 thoughts on “U.S. Congress and Financial Control Board must learn the HISTORY of Puerto Rico

      • Horty, I totally understand. But I have always felt the US would not leave our territory of Puerto Rico out to dry after all these years & with the great Puerto Rican population withing the USA as well………PLUS, US citizens with millions invested in properties in Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!! Will the US Congress, especially Republicans, not bail out Puerto Rico if necessary???!!! Phil

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      • It seems that they won’t bail it out. They have this plan of “installing” a Financial Control Board” … not a good thing at all!!


  1. Horty, Sounds just like the way Christie thinks…..taking over Atlantic City. He has taken over Camden, NJ, in the past, plus school districts like Newark. Did the people of Peurto Rico vote against statehood a year or two ago? Phil

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    • Dear Phil … the question of voting for statehood is not a clear “black or white” … there’s a lot of gray in it. As it stands, there are 3 options: commonwealth (stay as is), statehood or independence. I don’t think that any of them is a good idea.
      Commonwealth is the “status quo” … many bad things have been done in the name of that status. Independence (to me) would be the logical one but not feasible … would you let a 3 year old child loose in the house, make decisions? An independent PR is a young child w/o the experience to run a house hold, make decisions, etc. Statehood isn’t really up to Puerto Ricans. Even if they held another one of the many plebiscites and statehood would be the chosen option, it wouldn’t be up to PR to decide. It’s up to Congress.
      Congress doesn’t want PR to be a state …. it would upset the political workings of representatives and senators. On top of that, a PR state would be more expensive that what the current situation is.
      It’s a mess.
      I would say that it’s almost a 50-50, give or take a few, decision between staying as is or requesting statehood. I’m sure if statehood won, it would take eons before it’s totally done and the people are ok with it. I think that some may be totally against it bc of the perception that we would lose our identity which is really the only thing we have left right now.
      Do you get it? I hope you do … it’s more complicated than I can write it … again … it’s a mess!! 😦


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