A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. Gandules …. staple in PR cuisine …. “!!


~~April 25, 2016~~ 


What Are Gandules?

Gandule is another name for pigeon peas (Cajanus Cajan). Pigeon peas are a small bean that are native to Africa and/or India but most likely originated in India and were brought to Africa millennia ago, where many different strains were developed.

Pigeon peas are also called goongoo beans, Congo beans (Jamaica), no-eyed peas, Red gram, kardis, Pois d’Angole (French West Indies); guandu or andu (Portugese Brazil) and many other names.

The beans are small, green to yellow-brown, and highly nutritious. They are used as both a vegetable and dried for use as a flour. In India they are used as a split pea or “dhal” in soups. In many countries they are commonly eaten with rice.

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Arroz con gandules is a combination of rice, pigeon peas and pork, cooked in the same pot with Puerto Rican-style sofrito. This is the signature dish of Puerto Rican culture. Arroz con gandules is part of Puerto Rico’s national dish along with roast pork.

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Puerto Rican Pride



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We ALL are ONE!! 

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