IOTD …. Special Edition …. #JeSuisPulse …. “!!


~~June 12, 2016~~ 


We woke up to the terrible news of a mass shooting in a local gay club: PULSE.

This started around 2am this morning. Lives have been lost, our community is in pain. Investigation still ongoing …. local police, FBI and other Federal Agents.

Sad days continued in this country.

20 dead people, 42 injured taken to local hospitals

All still developing!!

I have no adequate words.

As the morning continues, it all continues to sink in.

My heart hurts, my hands are shaky, my brain doesn’t want to believe.

Now its 50 killed … 53 wounded 

Reports say the worst mass shootings in the US to date.

We are now in a STATE OF EMERGENCY in Orlando.

Grief Counseling happening at the LGBT Center on Mills today.

Situation still developing!



Omar Mateen ID’d as Pulse Gay Club Killer in Orlando

Mateen is a U.S. citizen; his parents are from Afghanistan, CBS News reports. FBI Agent Ron Hopper told reporters Mateen may have leanings towards Islamic extremism.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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Honoring the fallen & the injured

I pain we stand strong, we stand together.

We all a proud coimmunity.

#WeArePulse …. #JeSuisPulse




LAB Pro Lib


We ALL are ONE!! 


17 thoughts on “IOTD …. Special Edition …. #JeSuisPulse …. “!!

  1. This has already become fodder for the right wing fear and smear brigade. An Islamic hater is a Christian Fundamentalist hater is an Orthodox Jewish Hater is a Roman Catholic hater. Religious fundamentalist are more alike than different: they place dogma above life and use politics to inflict misery on other people.

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  2. Hm… who gains, is the question, and of course with this act of terror, it’s Israel (because if all Muslims are hated, then Israel will no longer be scrutinized for its brutal and genocidal treatment of the Palestinians) and Trump who gain… it can already be seen in his comment on Twitter:

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