THE GALLERY …. “Faces humanize the Names …. Hits Home”!!


~~June 15, 2016~~ 


It’s been three days since the tragedy in Orlando.

It feels like an eternity.

It feels life is passing by in slow motion.

I thank the Human Rights Campaign for preparing the graphics included below.

As information poored in, as the investigation continues, the victim list was released.

Slowly we learned their names.

Now we see the face that goes with each name.

It’s a possibility that the number may increase since there are several critical victims in local hospitals.

Take a look.

These are human beings no different than any of us.

They all bled red.

They all had lives, dreams, hope, vitality, jobs, an full life ahead of them, family and friends.

How different are they from anyone?

Their sexuality?

Take that factor away …. what do you see?

I urge you, dare you, to look at each graphic, read each tibit of personal information.

I assure you, your heart will skip a beat.

There will always be haters.

There will always be bigots.

There will always be shameless politicians.

But Faces humanize the Names …. it hits home.

We ALL are ONE!!




Human Rights Campaign



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~~Glowing Tributes for Orlando Victims~~

Wall Street Journal

~~Published on Jun 14, 2016~~

World landmarks have been bathed in light in a show of solidarity with the victims of Orlando’s mass shooting. Photo: Getty Images


We ALL are ONE!! 


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