IOTD …. Special Edition …. “On Father’s Day …. I miss my Dad …. “!!


~~June 19, 2016~~ 


He’s no longer with me.

He’s passed on.

Yet, he lives on, in my heart, in my soul, in my brain, my memories and in my DNA.

I am what I am because of him.

He gave me life. He game me my name.

He made me who I am.

And, for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Love and miss you, Dad!!



My Dad

I know this man
Who is dear to my heart
Suddenly one day
It was torn all apart

This man taught me everything
That I needed to know
But I never really listened
Until he had to go

He gave me love
And touched my life
It’s all over now
He no longer has to fight

He tried to teach me
Right for wrong
The day he left
I wasn’t that strong

He is gone now
It is hard to believe
This man is my dad
Who I will never see

But I will see him again
This I know
The day will come
When it’s time for me to go

So, I’ll hold him dear
And close to my heart
Cause the day we meet
I know we’ll never be torn apart.

© Disarae G. Kuhn

Published on February 2006



Life’s a Dance

Personal Faded Photographs



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We BOTH are connected through FAMILY!!


We BOTH are ONE!! 


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