James Todd …. Quiet Beauty …. “Soothing for today” …. “!!


~~June 19, 2016~~


Today we need this.

Today we need soothing of our souls.

Take a breather, go “inside”, reflect and enjoy this music.

Thanks to my blogging friend, Genie, who directed me to this musical piece.



Cellist James Todd was born into a musical family in Denver, CO.

His great-grandfather was a cellist and his grandfather a violinist and conductor.

At the age of five, he played mandolin in a group led by his siblings.

He began piano lessons in the second grade and switched to cello in the fourth grade. In high school, he was a member of Denver’s All-City Orchestra every year.

He began college at the University of Denver, but transferred after a year to Metropolitan State College of Denver. While studying business education there, he was the principal cellist in the orchestra and the chamber ensemble.

He graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. degree in business, but went on to a career in music that found him playing with the Denver Symphony and many visiting musicians.


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~~Quiet Beauty~~

James Todd

~~Uploaded on Sep 7, 2010~~

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We ALL are ONE!! 



1 thought on “James Todd …. Quiet Beauty …. “Soothing for today” …. “!!

  1. Wow! Look at that! A rose is playing his cello! I never noticed that before you posted the photo, and I have had the song now since it was first released, saw the photo but never really saw it, wow… 🌹

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