Rep. John Lewis …. This is how to get the job done; this is a leader …. “!!


~~June 23, 2016~~ 


We have a mission, a mandate, and a moral obligation to speak up and speak out until the House votes to address gun violence.

We have turned deaf ears to the blood of the innocent and the concern of our nation. We will use nonviolence to fight gun violence and inaction.

Senator John Lewis


Democratic representative John Lewis called his colleagues to join him as he spoke on the House floor Wednesday< June 22, afternoon.

A few dozen traveled down the aisles and fanned out on either side of Lewis’s podium as he began:

“What would bring this body to take action? What would finally make Congress do what is right, what is just, what the people of this country have been demanding, and what is long overdue? We have lost hundreds of thousands of innocent people to gun violence.”

Lewis, who fought on the front lines of the civil-rights movement, delivered an impassioned speech about the need for action — for House Speaker Paul Ryan to simply allow a vote — on gun-control measures.

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John Lewis

Occupy Democrats

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We ALL are ONE!! 


4 thoughts on “Rep. John Lewis …. This is how to get the job done; this is a leader …. “!!

  1. One problem republicans have is that one proposal is that anyone on a watch list is banned from purchase. I understand the Obama has put all disabled US veterans on the list. The selection of who is on the list is very arbitrary. A person cannot know if he is on the list and has no due process to challenge and have name removed if not legitimate to be on list.

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