Celebrating July 4th …. “Happy Independence Day Puerto Rico? …. NOT”!!


~~July 5, 2016~~ 


I remember, as I was grwoing up, I went to a private Catholic school administered/run by Americna nuns and priests.

It was ranked as one of the best schools in Puerto Rico.

I thank them for all the education I received from kindegarten to the day I graduated in 1968.

One of the main things that we learned was about the importance of the 4th of July, the day where the United States celebrated their indepence from England.

They called it “America’s birthday”.

I do find it unacceptable that I didn’t really learn about the “real history” of Puerto Rico, my place of birth.

I’m learning that on my own at this stage of my life.

The picture that has emerged, as I study, is the sad and current reality of the Island.

I know better now.

Please, take a look and learn.

Thank you!



~~Story about the Puerto Rican flag on Lady Liberty~

While many may think this image has been altered, it was not. This is an actual photo taken on October 25, 1977 when a group of unarmed Puerto Rican activists gathered to protest demanding the release of Puerto Rican Nationalist prisoners.

This was an act of symbolism illustrating their hopes of freedom and independence in putting an end to the discrimination that Puerto Ricans were enduring.

On November 5, 2000, Puerto Rican activist, Alberto de Jesús Mercado, better known as Tito Kayak, along with five other protesters went to the top of the Statue of Liberty in New York City where he bravely placed the Puerto Rican flag on the statue’s crown.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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No intention of taking credit.

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This 4th of July – the Prophecies of Pedro Albizu Campos


Tito Kayak and Juan Bobo



War Against All Puerto Ricans Blog



~~Happy Independence Day Puerto Rico?~~

teleSUR English

~~Published on Jul 4, 2016~~

As the U.S. celebrates its Independence Day, here’s a little reminder about just how much “independence” it’s given to Puerto Rico.


We ALL are ONE!!


Stand Up for Puerto Rico


GoldSwirlWPBoricua (1)

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