7 thoughts on “TP Logo Animation …. “Totally different perspective … right?”!!

  1. What a weird logo, it looks like a person at a slot machine gambling, which of course is what that loser has is: Casinos (Mafia connected, or not allowed in the “business”)

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      • I must be really naive because all I saw was a slot machine in a casino.
        I’m glad I’m this way too, because I hate hidden sexual stuff (if that is indeed what’s there), although I usually catch the subliminal messages.
        Oh yeah, I see how it could be seen as a homosexual reference, but I totally hate sexual innuendoes. Especially in the media and in politics, but that is what the media does, it’s why I don’t watch tv, other than Press TV , which always has the real news with no subliminal sexual and buy, buy, buy, (advertising products via placement advertising) stuff.


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