IOTD …. Image of the day, #546 …. “AMAPOLA …. Bella Flor …. “!!


~~August 13, 2016~~ 


Puerto Rican hibiscus is the Puerto Rico State Flower

The Puerto Rican Hibiscus, or Flor de maga (Montezuma Speciossisima) is the national flower of Puerto Rico. The flower is also known in some areas as the “Rose of Althea” or “Rose of Sharon”. Puerto Rican hibiscus flowers are cup-shaped and are 7.5 to 9 cm and 9.0 to 13 cm, broad with five overlapping petals..

Puerto Rican hibiscus is cultivated mostly as an ornamental tree for the beauty of its flowers although it is also valued for its timber.


The hibiscus is what we call amapola, which is a plant that grows as a bush. The maga flower comes from a tree. They are two different flowers.


Facts About Puerto Rican Hibiscus

Puerto Rican hibiscus flowers between 5-7 years of age.
Puerto Rican hibiscus leaves are Heart-shaped, shiny green, usually ranging in size from 5 cm to 20 cm (2 to 8 inches) long.
Puerto Rican hibiscus Fruit Capsule is a flattened indehiscent leathery sphere.
Puerto Rican hibiscus seeds are the grayish brown seeds, 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Both the capsules and the hard seeds are buoyant and can be dispersed to very long distances by sea water.
Puerto Rican hibiscus flowers depends on bats and birds for dispersal.

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