Mónica Puig …. “and her Mom, Astrid Marchán Puig …. “!!


~~August 18, 2016~~ 


(Who Deserves Gold … )

I found this article today as I surfed the net.

It’s written in Spanish but I found a way to translate it to English.

I believe it’s so well written that I would like to share it.

All credit goes to original writer.


Mami: Desde Mi Punto de Vista

Original version link


I’m merely a “sharer” of a wonderful post.

I take no personal credit on content or information



Many have been inspired by Mónica Puig, including me.

But in this paper I refer to her mother, Astrid Marchán, who always has accompanied Mónica throughout her career.

“That simplicity of spirit and his love for others and Puerto Rico were among the many things he learned from her mother, Astrid Puig Marchán.”

Said Maria de Lourdes “Lulu” Pure for El Nuevo Día.


But why her?

Because she contributed largely to what today is Mónica. Her mother has been an instrument of support and inspiration to achieve help her reach her achievements.

So why not give “Honor to whom honor deserves“? Astrid expressed in many interviews the great frustrations that have passed and how much I had to emotionally support your daughter to get up and keep fighting.

Monica, loving, family and above all humble, its quality that has led to be the “querendona” of Puerto Rico. She grew up in a united family environment, but above all respect. Her mother relates that Monica played all sports and was always a very active person. In the end her mother was leaning more for the sport of tennis and then went there. She always had their support, especially her mother, who says he always loved sports. But above all we teach the importance of maintaining the family togetherness that characterizes them.

“One remembers all the efforts made to get here.”

Astrid Marchan for “First Time”


And by that I mean, our effort is key to the success of our children.

It is our responsibility to them. And I do not mean to reflect ourselves in them and try to fix our frustrations, if not support them in what they really want, your goals. Every successful person needs this pillar encourages and revives again and again, and better than that person is your mom. She, who watched you grow, who gave you life and who better to know what you need and when you need.


“It was a special moment.

We hugged everyone.

I told my husband ‘we did it,'”

Astrid told El Nuevo Dia.

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We ALL are ONE!! 

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