To start the day …. “The Emperor has no B*lls …. “!!


~~August 19, 2016~~ 





I must say that I’m sorry you have to wake up to this, if you haven’t seen it already.

It’s always been said that if one is ready to dish it out, one has to be ready to take it.

Or, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Some time yesterday afternoon, I received continued “beeps” on my cell.

Nude statues of the “donald” were popping up everywhere.

I kept following the story and found out what happened.

It’s included below.


There’s no intention to offend.

It is what it is ….



Naked Donald Trump Statues Populate American Cities

Nate Hopper

An anarchist collective distributed the life-size likenesses in very public locations
In New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Cleveland, life-size statues of Donald Trump in the nude stand in public. They were placed there by the anarchist collective Indecline, which among other projects has also glued the names of black men killed by police officers onto blank stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Trump project is titled after a genital omission each statue shares, “The Emperor Has No Balls.” It’s an escalation of Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 parable about a ruler so overconfident that he believes he’s wearing the world’s finest clothes, even when parading in the nude through his realm, beneath “his splendid canopy” — until a child breaks his delusion.

The artist who constructed the statues goes by the name Ginger and is a regular keynote speaker at haunted house conventions.

He told the Washington Post,

“When the Indecline organization approached me, it was all because of my monster-making abilities.”

According to the Post, he spent 25 hours weekly since receiving the commission in April, and worked through 300 pounds of clay and silicone, to construct the statues.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

Naked Donald Trump Statues Populate American Cities



Google Images

TIME Magazine Online

I do not own this/these images.

No intention of taking credit.

If anyone knows the owner of any, please advise and it will be corrected immediately.







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~~Nude Trump Statues Pop Up In US Cities~~


~~Published on Aug 18, 2016~~

On Thursday, August 18, a number of nude Donald Trump statues popped up in cities across the country – and they got a lot of attention from passersby.


A video of the process seems to show at one stage there was a human model

~~The Emperor Has No Balls~~

~~Published on Aug 18, 2016~~
Artist: Ginger
Original Score: Ryder Reynolds


We ALL are ONE!! 


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