Joshua Monroe, the ‘Artiste’ …. Man Who Made Nude Trump Statues …. “!!


~~August 22, 2016~~ 


Oh, m’lord!

It’s been one of those days …. most of the posts and reblogs have been about the GOP presidential candidate

I feel kinda vindicated because even though this is about his statues, the main topic is the man who created them and how they got to their locations.

I find this type of information very interesting.

Read somewhere that the ‘artiste’ has the intention of creating similar statues for Mrs. Clinton.

Take a look, if you want.





The undertaking began in April and required over 1,500 hours of work over the course of four months. Monroe, who works “an average of 15 hours a day, six days a week” at a “day job” he declined to describe, told The Daily Beast that he was averaging “three hours of sleep a night.”

The process of creating the sculpture consisted of two stages, according to Monroe. The first was sculpting the original, 700-pound model in specialty clay using a 6-foot-2 “hired model with similar proportions” to Trump.

After the prototype was complete, Monroe made a giant silicone mold so that he could create identical replicas.



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In all, the project required 300 pounds of Monster Makers Oil Clay, 400 pounds of Concrete and Rebar, 400 pounds of Walter E. Disney Clay (for the mold), one gallon of smooth cast 300 (liquid resin), and 10 gallons of Foam It, costing around $6,000.

The INDECLINE spokesperson said the studio had “never worked in this medium before” and found it quite “time consuming.” 
After finishing the sculptures in an undisclosed studio on the West Coast, Monroe and INDECLINE team members shipped them to the five locations where they would be unveiled.

The five locations were chosen based on where the “activist collective” has existing collaborators, the INDECLINE spokesperson told The Daily Beast.
Purposely “designed to be torn down,” the replicas were lightweight and “anticipated to last about a half-hour at most,” said Monroe.



To start the day …. “The Emperor has no B*lls …. “!!


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~~Installing An Emperor : The Making Of~~

~~Published on Aug 21, 2016~~


We ALL are ONE!! 




2 thoughts on “Joshua Monroe, the ‘Artiste’ …. Man Who Made Nude Trump Statues …. “!!

    • I thought so! Thank YOU … did you take a look at the “RELATED” link?
      There’s a video included there which shows how the statues were made. I find that so fascinating.
      Hugs, dear friend!! ❤ …


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