To start the day …. “John Oliver … Goodbye Rio Olympics …. Goodbye American Idiot …. “!!


~~August 24, 2016~~ 


Here’s another version of the “harrowing experience” of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

As more information comes out, there’s more material for entertainers life John Oliver. We have already covered Stephen Colbert.

Whatever your opinion and feelings may be, there’s no denying that Lochte is his worst enemy.

I have my own personal opinion about the behavior 32 year old adolescent in on of the world’s biggest stage: the Olympic Games.

It’s not a nice one.

Take a look at someone else’s take and point of view.

This time for John Oliver.




John Oliver addressed Ryan Lochte’s disastrous Olympic gas-station incident in a recent segment on his show ‘Last Week Tonight,’ and boy, he really goes all in on the swimmer. Among the names Oliver slings around for Lochte are “America’s sweet, dumb merman,” “the purest form of the chemical element ‘Bro,’” and several other words that are less repeatable here.

But the best point Oliver makes is that Lochte, who was once, in Oliver’s words, “America’s sweet, dumb merman,” is no longer fun. When he was harmless, his antics — such as his reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and his line of sneakers — were entertaining.

But now, the 32-year-old who said he acted “immaturely” and fumbled through a cringe-worthy interview with Matt Lauer, is a whole lot less endearing.

“And so,” Oliver says, “As we say goodbye to the Rio Olympics, we must also say goodbye to one of America’s favorite idiots.”


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

John Oliver rips 'idiot' Ryan Lochte on 'Last Week Tonight'



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At end of the day …. “Ryan Lochte Comes Clean to Stephen Colbert …. “!!

Ryan Lochte Epitomizes White Privilege and U.S. Foreign Policy



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Watch Ryan Lochte’s real self

~On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver Destroys Ryan Lochte “America’s idiot sea cow”~

~Published on Aug 21, 2016~

On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver Destroys Ryan Lochte “America’s idiot sea cow” – Watch FULL Video


We ALL are ONE!! 


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