A picture says a thousand words …. “This one, a cartoon, screams, #18 …. Another Brick In The Wall …. “!!


~~September 1, 2016~~ 


Another Brick In The Wall

There’s a short explanation about this Pink Floyd’s song included below.

It seems that it’s very well made its way back into mainstream American.

I would title it “Another TRUMP in the Wall”. 

As I watched the included video, I can’t help thinking that it applies to a “T” to his supporters.

Take a look at the “assembly line” kids, following along.

Finally they revolt, become “free” and chaos, destruction and anarchy set in.


Foretelling the future?

Too late … you’ve built the wall.



Another Brick in the Wall” is the title of three songs set to variations of the same basic theme, on Pink Floyd’s 1979 rock opera, The Wall, subtitled Part 1 (working title “Reminiscing”), Part 2 (working title “Education”), and Part 3 (working title “Drugs”).

All parts were written by Pink Floyd’s bassist, Roger Waters.

Part II is a protest song against rigid schooling in general and boarding schools in the UK in particular.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”




Andy Marlette




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~~Another Brick In The Wall~~

Pink Floyd

~~Uploaded on Jul 5, 2010~~

Lifted from “Pink Floyd The Wall” film, this video is actually comprised of two songs: “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives” and “Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2” This video became the official video of “Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2” after the release of the film in 1982.

This single is by far Pink Floyd’s greatest ever mainstream success, instantly attaining classic status, and is perhaps their most famous piece of work.

The song itself is a protest against the rigidity of British schools, and in particular, the boarding school system Waters would have been part of as a young boy.


We ALL are ONE!! 


2 thoughts on “A picture says a thousand words …. “This one, a cartoon, screams, #18 …. Another Brick In The Wall …. “!!

  1. Watching this brings back memories of my own schooling. Not as bad as the English school system. But it can also be referred to the Berlin Wall. If you oppress people enough, at some point there will be rebellion. Trump needs to learn some history lessons -oppression never works.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TY for stopping by. I don’t think Trump has any redeeming values. I don’t think he even believes he needs to learn anything!
      He’s a two bit, snake oil salesman, talking through both sides of his mouth, saying what others want to hear & changing depending where he’s at. The theatrics of the Mexico trip were shameful …. and the Arizona speech was demented, scary … unbelievable. I can’t believe there are people falling for this. I guess “uneducated” .. not even that … those who are like him. He has opened a “pandora’s box” that will be very difficult to close … even if he isn’t elected. Scary times, dear friend …. 😦

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