Something to think about …. “Kate del Castillo … Mexico …. “!!


~~September 3, 2016~~ 


This Mexican woman can’t enter her country.

In the meantime, this racist is allowed to visit the country, meet with the President.

And he “spits” in our faces while in our own house.


The film and TV actress, who famously brokered Sean Penn’s ‘Rolling Stone’ interview with drug kingpin El Chapo, told Spanish-language broadcaster Jorge Ramos from Univision that she’s terrified to return to her native Mexico.

Actress Kate del Castillo braved a face-to-face meeting last year with one of Mexico’s most fearsome drug lords, yet it’s the Mexican government whom she fears the most nowadays.

“You hear it when you go in. In everything, I know that I’m completely wiretapped,” she told network anchor Jorge Ramos. “I think (the tapping) is by the Mexican government, I’m almost positive, but I don’t know it for a fact. But I know it with all my heart … because I hear noises that I didn’t hear before.”

The big question is why the Mexican government might be trying to persecute her, as del Castillo claims.

Ramos suggested that the government might be scared that El Chapo revealed incriminating information to her about Mexican public figures during their six-hour secret meeting in the mountains.

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