Something to think about …. “Make America White Again? …. Why?


~~September 4, 2016~~ 


This country has never been ALL white!

The degree of obvious racism and white supremacy sentiment, which has always been hiding in the wings of this society, has come forth and continued to grow.

Mexicans, Muslims, Latinos  and many other people of color have been the target of plenty vitriolic comments.

When whites arrived in this country, they had to “dispose” of the “red man”.

The policies of this belief have continued undaunted.

The current political climate has done nothing to stop it.

It reminds me of “Manifest Destiny”.

It seems to me that ‘the way’ has been lost!




In the 19th century, manifest destiny was a widely held belief in the United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America.

Historians broadly agree that there are three basic themes to manifest destiny:

The special virtues of the American people and their institutions
The mission of the United States to redeem and remake the west in the image of agrarian America
An irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty

Historian Frederick Merk says this concept was born out of “a sense of mission to redeem the Old World by high example … generated by the potentialities of a new earth for building a new heaven”.

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


During the months of June 2016, a Donald Trump-inspired congressional candidate has sparked outrage by plastering “Make America White Again” on billboards in eastern Tennessee.

Rick Tyler, an Independent running in the 3rd District that includes the city of Chattanooga, almost immediately started catching hell for his racist spin on the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”



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Native Americans Tradition and Belief


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I wouldn’t normally include this type of video on my postings.

However, the message this young adult is trying to get across is worth listening to.



~~Make America White Again?~

Trae Crowder , Liberal Redneck

~~Published on Jun 27, 2016~~

Some dumbass from Trae’s neck a the woods (East TN) posted a bunch of dumbass billboards last week about making America white again.

Liberal Redneck ain’t like it.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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