At the end of the day …. “Pointless ‘Rat Race’ …. wasting our lives …. “!!


~~September 6, 2016~~ 


Alan Watts Debunks The POINTLESS ‘Rat Race’ That Wastes Our Lives In this Powerful Video!

As soon as we are born we are labeled; name, race, nationality, family, status …

We are inserted into a story not of our making.

As soon as we start walking and exploring the majestic world around us we are told ‘oh, but you must go to school now! You must finish school to go to high school. You must finish high school to go to college. You must master a degree so you can get a good job.

You must work hard so you can be promoted. You must make a family. You must buy a house. You must … you must … you must …’

Until you retire.

And then what?

Then you are too old to continue exploring the world and do what you REALLY wanted to do your entire life!

What did you spent most of your life chasing?

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~~Why Your Life Is Not A Journey~~

Alan Watts

~~Published on Jul 26, 2016~~

A film I made last night based on my favorite quotes from Alan Watts about how the way of looking at your life as a journey can be the most destructive way.

Please have a listen to his wise words.

David Lindberg


We ALL are ONE!! 


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