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~~September 23, 2016~~


Power Plant Fire Triggers an Island-wide Blackout in Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are very creative and very adaptable.

The Island has been going through a massive power blackout due to a power plant fire. It resulted in a chain reaction that left millions without power for several days.

Notice the Puerto Rican ingenuity in the picture above.

Humor above all!



The cause of the initial blaze, which led generators to malfunction and set off 15 more fires across Puerto Rico, is still being investigated.

The first fire had taken place in the island’s south, where heavy storms were reportedly lashing the area.

The Electric Power Authority, the largest U.S. public power provider by customers and revenue, told the AP they only knew that two transmission lines carrying 230,000 volts had failed. The initial blaze demolished a system responsible for providing a third of the U.S. territory’s power.

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Power Plant Fire Triggers an Islandwide Blackout in Puerto Rico



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