Going back in time …. “June 26, 2015 …. Colors of the Rainbow …. “!!


~~October 28, 2016~~


There’s an app on my iPhone called ‘Timehop‘.

It brings up memories of pictures you have posted before.

It will give you the time frame and how many years ago the particular picture was posted.

This one came up today.

Even though the glorious date was June 26, 2015, I’m sharing it now.

Remember, love won.

Most importantly …. we now have to protect it.




In the United States of America, same-sex marriage has been legal in all states, Washington, D.C., as well as all U.S. territories except American Samoa, but not on Indian lands, since June 26, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that state-level bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.




I do not own this image.

No intention of taking credit.

If anyone knows the owner of any, please advise and it will be corrected immediately.



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#WeAlllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #HortyRex #hrexachwordpress


We ALL are ONE!! 


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