At the end of the day …. “Prince Ea …. Who I’m Voting For …. “!!


~~October 31, 2016~~ 


If this was a ‘routine’ presidential election.

If there weren’t such high stakes in place.

If the candidates were on similar footing educationally, experience-wise, honorable, reliable, trust-worthy (there, I used that word), I would go with this message 100%.

Due to the current state of affairs and the fact that we can only choose between two candidates, I have to chose one of them.

I already did.

I voted early.

I’m happy with my choice.



THIS Is The ONE Candidate YOU Should Vote For Every Day,

For The Rest Of Your Life!

It seems like we suddenly forgot ALL that we’ve been preaching about these couple of years …

We ALL know it’s a game for power, we all know it’s only lies, we all know there is no side. Politicians, the media, their first priority is not the people, it’s profit.

The truth has been leaked out countless times!

And yet, we still fight each other over who is a better candidate.

We’ve been fooled! There are no 2 options to choose from. We’ve been derailed from what’s really important.

There is one candidate!

One we should ALL vote for, and not just once, but EVERY DAY, for the rest of our lives.

One candidate that REALLY makes the world a better place!


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Prince Ea



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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