IOTD …. Special Edition …. “Grabbing a p*ssy …. at one of his rallies …. “!!


~~November 6, 2016~~ 



I apologize if anyone is offended.

I’ll be very childish.

‘He started it’.

Republican against Trump gets tackled, beaten, kicked, and strangled by Trumpsters for holding a sign, and Trump tries to spin it as an assassination attempt on him?

It wasn’t an assassination attempt, as the Trump camp is trying to portray it.

Neither is the suspect a plant from the Hillary campaign.

Austyn Crites is a member of an anti-Trump Republican group reportedly.

He was making a statement that he’s not supporting Mr. Trump.

His sign read “Republicans against Trump”.



Saturday, November 05, 2016 07:05 PM
RENO, Nevada

Donald Trump was rushed off stage by the Secret Service during a rally in Nevada but returned within minutes

The Republican nominee had been speaking to supporters in Reno for a while when a disturbance broke out in the crowd close to the podium.
Two Secret Service agents quickly surrounded Trump, then hustled him off stage.


Trump Reno rally suspect identified!

The man who was taken into custody for causing an altercation at a recent Donald Trump rally in Reno, Nevada has been identified as Austyn Crites.

Crites is a member of an anti-Trump Republican group reportedly. reports:

Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump offstage on Saturday evening during a rally in Reno, Nevada, believing a protester in the audience posed a threat to the Republican presidential candidate.

‘Go! Go!’ agents shouted as they dragged him away while a combination of local police and private security wrestled a man at the front of the crowd to the ground. A spectator is believed to have shouted ‘gun’ in the middle of The Donald’s speech, causing a panic near the stage. A sea of bodies scattered, screams rang out and authorities dragged the man away as he kicked and restrained.

After the confusion the man, who has been identified as Austyn Crites, was questioned and released, after agents found he wasn’t carrying a gun.

His social media accounts suggested he was part of a group called ‘Nevada Republicans Proudly Voting for Secretary Clinton‘.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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