IOTD …. Image of the day, #594 …. “Yes, We Can …. Women in America …. “!!


~~November 7, 2016~~ 


We did it in 2012.

We will do it again in 2016.

A glass ceiling was broken at the Democratic National Convention with the nomination of the first woman for President of the United States.

The same thing will happen tomorrow.

‘Madame President’



There has been much discussion about the demographic makeup of the 2012 electorate, and one thing is clear: Women’s voices determined the outcome of the election.

Across the board, women made the difference.

Here are seven key facts about women voters and the gender gap in the 2012 elections.

Women were the majority of voters

The gender gap grew to 10 points

Women decided the 2012 election

The gender gap extends beyond women of color

The top issues for women were the economy and a candidate who will fight for them

Extreme remarks and candidates changed the debate

Abortion and women’s health issues played a real role


“As it appears in … full read/full credit”

How Women Changed the Outcome of the Election



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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