Thoughts for today, #435 …. “Yes …. the simple truth …. “!!


~~November 12, 2016~~ 


…. and now he’s President-Elect!

Make America Great Again! Bring back jobs! Get us out of Iraq! Decrease the national debt!  Defeat ISIS! Improve Health care!

… and so many other reasons for voting for this man.

When anyone buys a car, one buys the whole package.

You don’y buy a car because you like the color, the radio, the style, the unique features.

You buy a car because you like it in its entirety.

Same here … you don’t get to cherry-pick!

If you supported and voted for this ‘man’, you bought the whole deal.

He’s yours, not mine!




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We ALL are ONE!! 


6 thoughts on “Thoughts for today, #435 …. “Yes …. the simple truth …. “!!

  1. Oh, Horty! Wife Geri & I are hurting so over all aspects of this election…..We are so down & can’t shake it! But for the prospect of Christie getting a position & exiting NJ, we see no thing but despair. How are you doing & taking all this? I can see that from your posts on Facebook! Phil

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    • I totally understand your feelings, as well as Geri’s .. they are the same as my own! Added to yours is the Christie thing. I’ve been thinking about you these days … I can’t fathom that CC will get a post. Then again … there’s Bannon, Newt, Palin, Pam Bondi, Rudy, his kids .. this is a nightmare .. I want to wake up. America isn’t this … or maybe now it is.
      So, so sad … beyond sad. I’m deflated. I’m still numb. So disappointed … I want to leave the US. I want to hide under a rock. It’s even affected the family …. no words!! 😦 …. sighing, crying, numb!!

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      • Horty, There is no need to repeat what you said above…..EVERYTHING you feel & said are exactly our sentiments too, including going under a rock to moving to Canada. Did you see the Canadian website on relocation there crashed the day after the election???!!! Besides the Christie thing for me is the fact that I taught American history for 11 years before becoming a principal ….. with a BA in American history from Rutgers & an MA in political science from Drew University in Constitutional Law, plus a year of law school at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan…..DRAFTED OUT OF LAW SCHOOL & sent to Vietnam. I share my background to say how much I hurt. I also served in the US Army against what I believed re Vietnam & I feel that extra stake in our democracy. In closing, in my social studies classroom EVERY year I ran The Great Debate, Republicans vs Democrats, who should be elected, or who should be nominated, or is the new president doing a good job, or should the president run again, & so on, EVERY year! Phil

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      • Tight, Latin hugs, dear friend! All we can do for now … seat belt, bumpy ride & turbulence ahead! Arrgghh … can’t believe it. Just received my People magazine … DT’s on the cover!!! 😡😡😡

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