“Jolene” …. Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix …. The Voice 2016 …. “!!


~~December 1, 2016~~ 


These are turbulent times. Feelings arise within you that have no description. You go from one end of the spectrum to the other within seconds.

Music is a balm.

Music is a refuge.

It’s soothing and calming.

It brings peace to a weary soul.



~Dolly Parton Joins Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix In ‘Jolene’ Cover~

On Tuesday night’s, Novermber 29, star-studded episode of “The Voice,” country music legend Dolly Parton joined Miley Cyrus and band Pentatonix on stage for an a-capella performance of Parton’s 1973 song “Jolene”.

Clad in black and silver, Parton took center stage as she stood next to goddaughter Cyrus on the arced stage. Both have previously performed the song together, most notably at the 25th anniversary of Dollywood in 2010.

Pentatonix released a recording of the song in September, with Parton herself featured on the record. The band also performed the song with singer-songwriter Jennifer Nettles at the 2016 Country Music Awards earlier this month, as a tribute to the famed singer.

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‘The Voice’: Dolly Parton Joins Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix In ‘Jolene’ Cover



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The Voice 2016

~Published on Nov 29, 2016~

Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix take the stage to sing Dolly’s classic “Jolene.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


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