James Corden …. “having a blast with …. MADONNA in NYC …. “!


~~December 8, 2016~~ 


Madonna Get Weird with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke

Eventually, it had to happen: the best-selling female artist of all time had to get in the passenger seat of James Corden’s car to help the well-loved TV host make his way through traffic.

But as with all things Madonna, nothing is ever quite what you expect; she is the master of spectacle, after all.

The Queen of Pop and the British comedian make quite a pair in Wednesday night’s (December 7), installment of Carpool Karaoke, running through a slew of Madonna’s greatest hits (with accompanying dance moves) and even getting into some salacious gossip.

(“What was it like to spend a night out – or in – with Michael Jackson?”

“So you want me to kiss and tell then, don’t you?” they banter.)


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Watch Madonna Get Weird with James Corden on <em>Carpool Karaoke</em>



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~~Madonna Carpool Karaoke~~

~~Published on Dec 7, 2016~~

James and Madonna go for a drive through New York City singing classics from her epic catalog of music, and James learns about Madonna’s relationship with Michael Jackson.



We ALL are ONE!!


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