‘Hallelujah’ Cover …. “Young Kaylee Rodgers …. from Northern Ireland …. “!!


~~December 22, 2016~~ 


This Young Girl Singing “Hallelujah” will Melt Your Heart.

But Wait Till You Hear Her Inspiring Story!


As I’ve said before, for some unknown reason, covers of this song keep ‘popping up’ in my feed.

Here’s another one.

This song has attained a new meaning in my personal musical library.

It reminds me of so much …

Hope you enjoy this one!




With the year’s passing of beloved musician and composer Leonard Cohen, it only seems fitting that his timeless song “Hallelujah” should be going viral once again.

At the Killard House School’s choir concert in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, young Kaylee Rodgers sang a stunning version of Cohen’s most classic tune with modified lyrics. Kaylee’s voice is soaring and rich, but it’s her story that is perhaps most uplifting.

Kaylee happens to have autism and ADHD, and because she was so shy at school, she had a hard time participating in class.

The principal of Killard House, Colin Millar, explains that she

“wouldn’t really read out in class … so to stand and perform in front of an audience is amazing …

It takes a lot of effort on Kaylee’s part.”

Kaylee’s music teacher, Lloyd Scates, played a large role in helping her find the confidence to sing.

Her mother divulged that “she always loved singing, but it wasn’t until she started at Killard House School that she really came into her own. Mr. Scates is like her safety blanket – he’s amazing.”

Watch the video below to witness Kaylee’s touching transformation.

The lyrics of this modified version were written by contemporary Christian rock band Cloverton.


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~Killard House Special School choir singing Hallelujah~

~Published on Dec 19, 2016~

The choir from Killard House, Donaghadee, singing Hallelujah led by Kaylee.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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