The West Bank Story, Part IV / Was There Ever A Land Called Palestine Before 1917?

Israel/Palestine …. Part 4 – The West Bank … ‘The two-state solution has a long history dating back at least to 1937, when the British proposed to partition the land between Arabs and Jews while leaving Jerusalem under international control.’

Gronda Morin

Map of Palestine under British rule Israel (Palestine) was set aside for Jewish population under the British Mandate

Related imageRelated imageI copied the answer to the question regarding the prior existence of Palestine from It represents a point of view favorable to Israel but it is also factually accurate. Any Palestinian sources that I reviewed referred to the Philistines in biblical times inhabiting the lands of Samaria and Judea. But there is nothing specific to a land called Palestine with its own boundaries, government and monies. This issue has been raised because some media outlets have been referring to an “historic Palestine.” In short, the countries in the middle east (formerly known as Ottoman Empire) were arbitrarily drawn after the end of 1917 by the Brits.

In the next blog, I will cover more how the West Bank fits into this history after WWI.

Around 1947-1948, there was a Civil War which culminated in the Arab-Israeli War. This led to the 1949 cease…

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4 thoughts on “The West Bank Story, Part IV / Was There Ever A Land Called Palestine Before 1917?

  1. Jesus was a Jew who lived in Palestine, then occupied by Rome. To my knowledge, there was no Israel for more than thousand years, perhaps more, before 1948. The current circumstances go back to the Sykes-Picot secret agreement of 1916. After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, Britain ruled Palestine as Mandatory Palestine. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 supported a national homeland for the Jewish people, but this homeland had to be in Palestine and not inconvenience Palestinians. On 23 December, the United Nations’ Security Council condemned Israeli settlements. The United States did not veto the resolution. Every day the United States gives about 10 million dollars in military aid to Israel.

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