Something to think about …. “We are in this together …. it’s more than a mere whim to remove ‘Obama’-care …. “!!


~~January 10, 2017~~


The Republican plan to repeal Obamacare and delay the implementation of the repeal – with a promise to come up with a terrific replacement later – is probably the party’s best way to destroy Obamacare.

Unfortunately for Republicans, it’s also the best way to destroy the Republican majority in Congress.

(Maybe fortunately for Democrats?)

“As it appears in … full read/full credit”


Just because they hate the name and the fact that this was ‘created; during the Obama presidency.

They don’t care who they hurt. They don’t care who is affected.

They don’t care about the health of the American citizens.

They don’t care about the ramifications of this action.

They just care about the power their party has now.

They don’t have a replacement.

We are not fools!

They will pay the price for their actions.

Of that I’m sure!




Vocal Progressives


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We ALL are ONE!!


1 thought on “Something to think about …. “We are in this together …. it’s more than a mere whim to remove ‘Obama’-care …. “!!

  1. Democracy gives people a voice. Corporatism does not. When government services are privatized, you no longer have any power to demand changes or to push for improvements… unless you sit on the Board of Directors.

    In addition, health care services are so vital that no one can afford to boycott the corporations that provide them. So, don’t expect to have consumer power, either.

    We are much better off when a benevolent democratic government handles vital services, instead of short-term-profit-driven corporations. Let the corporations work on developing their own products and services. We should not allow them to take-over the management of our systems and the distribution of our benefits.

    Our government, with our tax dollars, has developed and built the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid systems. They work very well. What a free ride it would be for a few billionaire financiers to grab these efficient systems, most likely for a pittance, and then milk profits out of them – and us – until these vital systems are run into the ground.

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