5 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann, #25 …. “A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous …. he really is …. “

    • Hi, dear friend! I’m glad you liked it. Yes, I agree. I followed Keith when he was on MSNBC … I found the end of his previous series, The Closer. It seems he was doing this during the 2015 campaign. After the elections he stated this one … The Resistance. I’ve always liked him … I think this should b on TV!
      You are most welcome ….
      BTW, how are things w/ Christie?
      How do you feel about this farce we are living now? I’m having an awful time … only 4 days! And he’s done so much damage!
      I didn’t watch the inauguration. Heard about the speech. From then on … argh!
      Hate the fact that Repubs have all that power … not because they do but because I feel the gloating! They will undo everything … it’s a sad, scary time for this country … and talk about worldwide!
      Well, off my soap box.
      Wish you a great day! Hugs, H

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  1. Horty, Appreciate you & all your thoughts more than you know!!! Yes, Keith was always so great on MSNBC…..He is so brilliant & intense that he finds trouble wherever he works re interpersonal relationship with management from sports programs to news. I was able to put that GQ The Resistance warning of his that Trump is crazy on FB. I don’t see you as much on FB lately. CHRISTIE! —he’s trying to save his legacy with his latest anti-opiates drive & legislation…..He has a big ad on opiates TV with his face naturally. Yes, we are all suffering along with Trump & “news.” –Two things: One;Remember the “W” years of wars & how we disagreed. Just assure yourself that you are right that this is worse from this president to the sweep of the Congress. And Two; Wife Geri & I have started to go back to what was our normal in seeing some TV news each morning & then the evening news followed by checking in on Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, & Lawrence O’Donnell, as we check out the TCM movie & read. We realized because of Trump we were continuing the Election 2016 pace of all day TV news with MSNBC. It was too much! We need to keep informed to fight back & guard our democracy. But we must not be consumed by it all! — Maybe that will help you some! Love to you! Phil

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    • You got that right!! I wasn’t following every news show before election. I’ve always followed Rachel and Lawrence … What do you mean you don’t see me that much on FB? I’m there every day …. tight hugs, sweet friend!! ❤ … to you and Gerri …

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