Ellen DeGeneres …. “She’s not political …. her opinion: right on target …. #MuslimBan …. “!!


~~February 2, 2017~~ 


I love this woman!

She’s one of a kind. There’s no one like her.

She represents the good in the American people.

Her objective is to bring joy, happiness and kindness to the world she lives in.

The power of her words and metaphors are more powerful than any direct insult or unkind word.

Her motto:

‘Be kind to one another’



Here’s what Ellen DeGeneres had to say about Drumpf screening ‘Finding Dory’ right after his Muslim ban

On Sunday afternoon, January 30, Drumpf sat down for a relaxing viewing of Ellen DeGeneres’ Finding Dory for his first official White House movie screening.

A soundproof theater presumably drowned out the raging protesters in his backyard (and around the country), furious over his immigration ban from just two days earlier.
The irony of Trump watching Finding Dory in the wake of his executive order was not lost on some of the most astute writers on the internet, but the movie’s star wasn’t going to let it go either.

Even though Ellen DeGeneres, who plays the titular Dory, says she doesn’t “get political,” she took to her show on Tuesday, February 1, and got unquestionably political.

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~~Ellen’s Comments on the Travel Ban~~

~~Published on Jan 31, 2017~~

She didn’t have much to say about politics, but she did have much to say about “Finding Dory.”


We ALL are ONE!! 


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