Thoughts for today, #467 …. “Will leave you with this graphic …. the next Hitler …. NOT …. “!!


~~February 16, 2017~~ 


Drumpf’s Not a Hitler, More of a #Twitler

Words written mid January 2017, before the inauguration.

Prophetic at best!



By ProgToddNorCal … Wednesday Jan 18, 2017

People see the Republo-Fascist cabinet that President Drumpf is assembling and say he’s the next Hitler. But they’re only half right; they’re giving him too much credit.

Trump is more of a #Twitler.

While he revels in evoking an iron hand to crush every critic through insipid tweets, Drumpf has no nationalistic fervor. It’s all narcissism without any drive to make the country stronger.

Lucky for us, he doesn’t have the IQ to go full-on Hitler. And he doesn’t have the restraint to maintain any momentum from his election. He just slides daily in the polls and my guess is he’ll go off script in many speeches and show the entire world just how much a buffoon he really is.

One by one, tens of millions of his supporters will reach the tipping point. And a lyric from the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” will echo through their minds:

“My God, what have I done?”

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We ALL are ONE!! 


1 thought on “Thoughts for today, #467 …. “Will leave you with this graphic …. the next Hitler …. NOT …. “!!

  1. People and their opinions and right to express in word and picture and our leaders and officials are open game. I have seen this often and similar caricatures and find such offensive not to just Trump as a person but to attach such clothing and evil sign to any of our presidents is sick.If the people are Klansmen and Nazis, well it does fit. I also felt deep offense at Obama portrayed as a little barefoot n-boy picking cotton.

    “One by one, tens of millions of his supporters will reach the tipping point.”
    No they won’t. Attacks like this are making them even more unreasonable and driving them farther to the irrational right. The anger has given to hate in this country from all issue oriented sub sets of the population. This art is stirring fear in the left. It all saddens me as I am sure the divide(seemingly irreparable) ever widens and people can no longer just disagree. The other view has become the enemy view and is fueled by such portrayals. PM Ben N of Israel has called Trump Israel’s greatest friend and ally and seems Jews would find the picture offensive too.

    I will have to admit Trump’s twitter nonsense it really getting to me. He has to react to every little criticism like a spoiled little child in perpetual tantrum. Not very adult. Not very presidential.


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