Mother Earth …. “the invasion of plastic …. man-made ‘progress’ …. disposable society …. “!!


~~February 20, 2017~~ 


It’s no surprise – we are using tons of plastic, way more than we need, and the Earth cannot digest it.

Every single piece of plastic that has been created still exists somewhere on the Earth. It is poisoning our oceans, landfills and bodies. The production of plastic goods is polluting our atmosphere, and as a result of the oil extraction process to obtain the petroleum to make the plastic, our forests are being cut down and our rivers, lakes and oceans are being polluted. When will it be enough?

The fact of the matter is, we are using more plastic now than ever before, and because it is so (seemingly) easily disposed of, most of us are completely unaware of the waste we are helping to produce, especially on a mass scale.

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~~When did we become a plastic Society?~~

~~Published on Mar 30, 2016~~

Plastic Pollution


We ALL are ONE!! 


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