Something to think about …. “Where is the $$ going? …. Are you OK with this? …. “!!


~~February 27, 2017~~ 


The Drumpf family, including sons Eric and Don, have always traveled all over the world on business. Now that they run the Drumpf business interests and must have Secret Service protection, it costs money to protect them.

Melania and son Barron stay most of the time in the family’s New York City apartment while the ten-year-old finishes up school. It costs money to protect them there. The family travels to their place in Palm Beach, Florida, and Drumpf’s talking about retreats at his New Jersey Drumpf golf course.

That’s the way they’ve always lived their lives.

Protecting the president isn’t easy or cheap, and according to estimates from The Washington Post, the cost to protect Drumpf and his family is on track to supersede the cost to protect former president and his family by hundreds of millions of dollars.

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