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Here are the biggest lies, mistruths and “alternative facts” from Trump’s joint address

Fact checking his ‘alternate facts’ …✊🏽

The Fifth Column

Here are the biggest lies, mistruths and

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President Donald Trump is addressing a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night in a State of the Union-esque speech. The president is expected to muse on current events, outline his administration’s objectives and make the case for his nascent presidency’s policy agenda.

Of course, this being the factually-challenged Trump the nation has come to know so very well, fact-checkers across the U.S. are standing ready to identify whatever “alternative facts” come down the pipeline. Follow Mic‘s live vetting of the president’s speech below.

9:11 p.m.: “A new surge of optimism is placing impossible dreams firmly in our grasp.”

Polls show Americans are broadly anxious about the future of the U.S. under Trump.

9:16 p.m.: Trump name-checks companies he says have kept jobs in the U.S. under his presidency

According to the New York Times, several companies which the president is taking credit for personally…

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American Carnage Redux: Trump’s Dark And Misleading Picture of America

Here’s the ‘watered down version’ of the inauguration speech … Boy, seems like he ‘behaved’ last night!

The Fifth Column

Jim Lo Scalzo


Additional reporting by Tierney Sneed

WASHINGTON, D.C.—For several days, Republican leaders in the House and Senate have been assuring reporters and the public that President Donald Trump would deliver a “positive” address to his first joint session of Congress. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday afternoon that he was expecting “an upbeat portrayal of what America could be with the kind of changes we are in the process of implementing.”

What Trump ultimately delivered was somewhat more subdued than the apocalyptic rhetoric of his RNC acceptance speech and inaugural address. He vowed at the outset of the speech to “deliver a message of unity and strength,” and he struck a compassionate note by expressing concern about the recent waves of bomb threats against Jewish community centers and the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries.

But after that relatively moderate opening, Trump went on to paint a…

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Replying to Trump’s speech, Sen. Sanders tells resisters to ‘Keep showing up, keep calling Congress’

Senator Sanders’ words have more weight, reality and truths (approximately 15 minutes long) … than the full speech in Congress!

The Fifth Column


In a bullseye response to Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders first took on what the pr*sident didn’t say. Then he calmly ripped apart what he did say. Among other things:

“When Donald Trump said we need to promote clean air and clean water…I had a difficult time not laughing out loud. Because on this very, very day he signed an executive order rolling back President Obama’s clean water rules and has appointed the most anti-environmental EPA administrator in our nation’s history.”

And finally Sanders urged everyone who has been rallying and protesting against the regime’s actions and proposed actions to “Keep showing up, keep calling Congress, and continue to fight. If you haven’t taken action yet, we need your voice. Only together when millions of people stand up for economic justice, for social justice, for racial justice, for environmental justice, only then can…

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