Something to think about …. “Is this what you get when you serve this country now? …. Deplorable …. “!!


~~March 7, 2017~~ 


I have no words.

The graphic/meme speaks for itself.

Put a face to the heartless immigration order.

It’s too painful for me!




Occupy Democrats


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We ALL are ONE!! 


3 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Is this what you get when you serve this country now? …. Deplorable …. “!!

  1. Unless dishonorable discharge or criminal while in service he gets an expedited path to citizenship by filing with immigration with his army credentials. No non citizen having served in US military is denied except under the rarest and very precise circumstances. The idea that he will be deported is silly.

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      • 4 years after he left the army he spent time in prison for a drug felony charge which started the deportation hearing. A judge’s decision is expected soon. One does not become a citizen just by enlisting – still need immigration process.

        But the real story is why did Occupy Democrats created this post and why do they link it to Trump’s executive order ? Deportation for felons has been the law for decades. They left out the facts and blame Trump all a big lie.

        Many of my liberal friends (30 years)and me are no longer are friends or communicate any more. When they post this stuff and I show it is inaccurate Trump propaganda and give them the facts they become enraged but are so anti Trump they don’t check out the facts of posts like this. Unfortunately it’s no longer a matter of friends disagreeing and remaining friends. Each side thinks their “facts” are facts when they are not but people believe what suits them and friends become enemies as the other person is considered insane and evil. This is regretful. Now because I point this out I do not think Trump is not guilty of lies. He obviously does misrepresent things too and I do not defend him. It is all an artful political trick: you make the accusation and people never take the time to check out the facts and the mere accusation becomes the fact in the eyes of people on the other side.

        There is another one going around that says lied about using US steel on pipeline because Russian steel has been used for quite some time. But a Canadian firm has been building the pipe line for some time using the Russian steel and Trump did not lie, he could not stop it until he became president. He now has issued executive order to use only US steel for rest of construction on pipe line. So why did the organization say Trump a liar because Russian steel was used ? Then they say he is corrupt with these Russian connections and use of Russian steel happened under Obama. Actually not Obama’s fault either because Canadian firm has been building the pipeline and US did not decide their process.


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