Twitter Sues … The United States???

This would be so funny if it weren’t that serious!
The ‘competent’ administration at work! 😳

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Now, I know on the surface this may seem to be humorous … Twitter is suing the U.S. government!  But it goes deeper … much, much deeper … all the way to our basic freedoms of speech and press.  Here’s the story …

“Twitter Inc. on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit to block an order by the U.S. government demanding that it reveal who is behind an account opposed to President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies.” Reuters, 06 April 2017

Anybody hearing drumbeats and jackboots yet?

twitter-3The Twitter account in question is @ALT_USCIS, which is an anonymous profile account criticizing Don Trump’s immigration policy. It stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and was reputedly started by federal employees of that agency. The person or people behind the account in questionare said to be a current employee of Citizenship and Immigration Services and has regularly posted messages at odds…

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Puerto Rican woman conquered Antarctica marathon, now she’s taking on the North Pole

Puerto Rico pride … 🇵🇷

Repeating Islands


Lisa Richardson of Hastings, left, running the Antarctic Ice Marathon in November 2015, with Sasie Smittipatana of Thailand, center, and Teresa Strad of the Cayman Islands, right.

A report by Richard Chin for the Minnesota Star Tribune

Lisa Richardson loves marathons so much she’s going to the ends of the earth to run them.

In November 2015, the 41-year-old Hastings woman ran “the Southernmost Marathon on Earth,” the Antarctic Ice Marathon, on a glacier in the Antarctic continent.

On Sunday, she aims to run the North Pole Marathon, the world’s most northerly marathon.

Richardson’s parents are Puerto Rican, and Chad Richardson said he thinks his wife, who grew up in Ohio and Puerto Rico, will be the only Puerto Rican-American to run a marathon at both Antarctica and the North Pole.

She’s not the fastest or the most experienced runner.

Richardson has run seven marathons total since she…

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Heroine adds to comics’ diversity

La Borinqueña! 🇵🇷

Repeating Islands


A report by Matthew Price for News Ok

Writer, artist and entrepreneur Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez didn’t see a comic book character that strongly reflected the Puerto Rican heritage of millions of Americans. So he decided to create one.

“La Borinqueña is the story of Marisol Rios de la Luz, who, as a student, sees the world with a passionate curiosity,” he said in an interview with The Oklahoman.

As the superhero La Borinqueña, Marisol can harness the powers of nature to protect Puerto Rico from disasters and calamities.

“My ideal superhero is a woman because when I think of my heritage, my island, she has always been a woman to me,” Miranda-Rodriguez said. “Our national anthem is titled ‘La Borinqueña,’ which literally translates into The Puerto Rican Woman.”

Miranda-Rodriguez is of Puerto Rican descent and lives in New York City.

“I grew up reading comic books, and have always been…

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O’Reilly & Trump … Birds Of A Feather

Two peas in a pod … who deserve each other! Not surprising at all …

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Yesterday (Wednesday), Donald Trump, the man who claims the title of president, the man who needs to be dealing with a failed health care bill, a deeply-divided nation, a pending budget that is also destined for failure, an impending visit from the leader of China, the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and other situations too numerous to list here, took time out of his busy scheduled to call Bill O’Reilly and offer his support.  The man we pay to lead our nation has nothing better to do than to offer support to a sexual predator!  But then, we must remember that Trump is no less a sexual predator than O’Reilly, so … it takes one to know one, and birds of a feather flock together … appear fitting at this point.

On 13 October 2004, Bill O’Reilly was accused of sexual harassment by Andrea Mackris, an associate producer who worked with…

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