Idiot of the Week – Sean Spicer

This is a very well earned & deserved award … Cingrats; Spicey! 🏆

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I almost feel badly for this week’s award recipient, almost feel sorry for him.  Note that I said ‘almost’.  Yet I do not feel badly enough to give him a pass on this one, as I have been giving him passes for several months now and he just does not learn from his mistakes.  Who, you ask?  Why, none other than the White House Press Secretary, Mr. Sean Spicer, of course!  And most of you know exactly why I could no longer leave him alone, but in case any have been living on a desert island for the past few days, I shall enlighten you.

On Tuesday (11 April 2017), at the daily White House press briefing, Spicer was asked about the U.S. response to Assad using chemical weapons in attacks in Syria last week. His response, which will surely go into the annals of history as one of the…

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These 3 Scientists Are Saving Puerto Rico’s Most Endangered Species

Viva Puerto Rico! 🇵🇷 … thank you for your work!

Repeating Islands


NBC News reports on Puerto Rican scientists Carlos Diez, Jafet Velez-Valentin, and Tony Mignucci, who were featured in the Nature episode called “Viva Puerto Rico” (narrated by Jimmy Smits) which aired on television last night but will stream all month.

Somewhere in the rainforest there is a Puerto Rican Amazon Parrot named Heineken. And the story of how the gorgeous tropical bird got the name of a Dutch beer brand is telling of the passion, adversity, and length that island-based conservationists face to save the species on the verge of extinction. [. . .]

“When we first began the work, there were 13 Puerto Rican Amazon Parrots,” explained aviary biologist Jafet Vélez-Valentín. “We didn’t have a way to tag the birds we were studying and encouraging to breed. One of the scientists suggested we use polished beer caps and before we knew it, we had parrots named Corona, Corona Light…

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10 things you need to know today: April 13, 2017

Headlines for today … here they are!

The Fifth Column



1. Trump threatens to cripple ObamaCare to force Democrats to negotiate
President Trump on Wednesday threatened to hold up $7 billion in ObamaCare cost-sharing subsidies for low-income health insurance buyers to get Democrats to negotiate on health-care reform. Trump told The Wall Street Journal his administration might not have legal authority to make the payments, which reduce out-of-pocket costs for low-income ObamaCare participants, because the spending was not specifically authorized under the Affordable Care Act. “ObamaCare is dead next month if it doesn’t get that money,” Trump said. “What I think should happen and will happen is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called Trump’s strategy “cynical,” saying the president was “threatening to hold hostage health care for millions of Americans, many of whom voted for him.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal, CNBC

2. Putin and…

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