Something to think about …. “Billy’s story shared by his Dad, Jimmy …. “!!


~~May 4, 2017~~ 


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you mus know by know that Jimmy Kimmel told his family’s personal story about the birth of his brand new son, Billy.

It’s fitting that this be shared because today, the USA’s House of Representatives, lead by Paul Ryan, are claiming to vote on the third attempt at ‘repeal-replace’ the Affordable Health Care Act.

If you haven’t seen Jimmy’s monologue, I strongly recommend that you look for it in YouTube.



Here’s What Republicans Are Voting For on Thursday, May 4

Quick wrap-up of the bill:

There have been no public hearings.

There’s no final text.
There’s no updated CBO score.
It is opposed by virtually every patient advocacy group and everyone in the health care industry.
Congress is still exempted from the new rules that allow states to waive essential benefits.
It raises premiums dramatically for older people.
It removes Obamacare’s protection against being turned down for a pre-existing condition.
It would steadily gut Medicaid spending for the very poorest.
It removes coverage from at least 24 million people, probably more.
It slashes taxes on the rich by about a trillion dollars over ten years.

This is a depraved piece of legislation

It’s a windfall for the rich and promises nothing but misery for the poor. How is it possible that 90% of House Republicans are happily voting in favor of this moral abomination?

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