Puerto Rico to close public schools amid crisis

Control the future … by controlling the children’s education!
My heart breaks! 💔

Repeating Islands


Associated Press’ Danica Soto reports that, although officials had reported that 184 public schools would close, at the last minute, the number of closures changed to 179 schools in Puerto Rico in an attempt to save more than $7 million “amid a deep economic crisis that has sparked an exodus to the U.S. mainland in the past decade.” Soto writes:

More than 27,000 students will be moved elsewhere when their schools close at the end of May, said newly appointed Education Secretary Julia Keleher. “We have a fiscal crisis and few resources and we’ve spent 10 years handing out nearly $3 billion in a system that hardly has any books,” she said. “We cannot keep doing what we’re doing because we don’t have the resources.”

The news about the school closures raised concerns it could speed up the ongoing exodus from Puerto Rico. Nearly 450,000 people over the last decade…

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Vive La France!!!

I share your giddy feeling … bit less weight on my shoulders, bit less worry! 🇫🇷

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Tonight I am pleased … almost giddy, as it were!  The French exhibited great common sense and showed Ms. Marine LePen the door, electing Emmanuel Macron by a decisive margin … 66% to 34%, according to the Guardian.  This despite Putin’s efforts to rig the election in favour of LePen, as he did for Trump in the U.S. election last year.

French elections-2Macron’s victory speech was somber and gracious.  He said he accepted that many had voted for him even though they disagreed with his programme to “defend the republic against extremism”. When he mentioned those who had voted for Marine Le Pen, there were boos and whistles from the crowd. “No, don’t whistle them. They have expressed today their anger and dismay – and sometimes convictions. I respect that. But I will do everything I can in the next five years so there is no reason to vote for…

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