Drumpf: “I have the best words”, he says …. Remember? …. #Covfefe …. “Go Figure …. “!!


~~May 31, 2017~~ 


Drumpf’s Bizarre Late-Night Tweet Might Have Just Broken The Internet

Drumpf has been extremely active on Twitter since he returned home from his first international trip as the ‘so called’ President of the United States, but at midnight he unleashed what could only be considered an absolute brain-fart of a tweet.


The vague, incomprehensible message looks more like something that would be tweeted after a big night out and it’s still unclear what the ‘so -called‘ President was even tweeting about.

Predictive text changes ‘covfefe’ to ‘coffee,’ however, one can only assume that Drumpf was most likely tweeting about press ‘coverage’.

Even then, one can only assume what he was actually referring to.





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We ALL are ONE!! 


2 thoughts on “Drumpf: “I have the best words”, he says …. Remember? …. #Covfefe …. “Go Figure …. “!!

  1. I tried to typo coverage by blind typing with my keyboard upside down and even then I didn’t manage to get covfefe. Grammarly (my spellcheck add-in for Chrome) thinks it should be either coffee, “coiffe” or “co fee” (had to look up coiffe, it’s French

    la coiffe (v) the caul ; the lining
    coiffe mine-marking cone ; signal cone ; capping ; hat lining ; sealing formation ; caul ; fairing ; headband ; calyptra ; root-cap ; dust protection hood ; nose cone ; shroud ; cover ; cap
    Sources: Wikipedia; interglot; Download IATE, European Union, 2017.

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