Angelica Hale …. “Future Star STUNS The Crowd America’s Got Talent 2017 …. “!!


~~June 14, 2017~~ 

OH. MY. GOD!!!

Johns Creek’s Angelica Hale

She’s a young girl, short in stature but huge in talent.

Her voice commands the stage.

What a sight to behold.

Watch her story and her performance.

A needed brake for a bit of goodness and beautifully amazing human beings.



Johns Creek nine-year-old Angelica Hale surprised the audience on night two with a super mature voice for her age.

Her back story: when she was four years old, she lost her kidney function after double pneumonia. Fortunately, her mom provided her daughter a kidney and she has thrived.

The judges loved her and gave her a standing ovation. “You’re tiny,” said Simon Cowell. “Your voice is huge. I have a feeling we’re looking at a future star.”

Angelica covered Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”

GoldSwirlAmerica's Got Talent - Season 12




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~~Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd~~

Auditions 2

~~Published on Jun 6, 2017~~

America’s Got Talent Season 12 | Auditions 2 | Episode 2

America’s Got Talent 2017


We ALL are ONE!! 


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