History in ‘almost a nutshell’ …. 🇵🇷 “Should Puerto Rico Become The 51st State? …. It’s a shady concept …. “!! 🇵🇷


~~June 17, 2017~~ 


I don’t live in Puerto Rico anymore. I was born and raised there.

Politics is a national sport.

A referendum was held on June 11, 2017.

It was a ruse, a futile exercise and a total waste of money.

Get more information below and watch a short video which presents in almost a nutshell the reality of Puerto Rico, my country



Referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico held in Puerto Rico on June 11, 2017

The referendum had three options: becoming a state of the United States, independence/free association, or maintaining the current territorial status.

Those who voted overwhelmingly chose statehood by 97%; turnout, however, was 23%, a historically low figure.

(recalculating and using additional numbers, that number decreased to 18% turnout)

This figure is attributed to a boycott led by the pro-status quo PPD party.



Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Roselló, pushed ahead with his top campaign promise of trying to convert the US territory into a state, holding a Sunday referendum to let voters send a message to Congress.

His party has launched an aggressive ad campaign urging people to “demand respect” with their vote – to choose statehood so the island can obtain equal treatment from the federal government that some say would ease a 10-year economic recession that has spurred nearly half a million Puerto Ricans to flee to the U.S. mainland.



Amid economic crisis, Puerto Rico prepares to vote on statehood


~Miami Herald~

“Sunday’s referendum is not binding.

It was more an exercise of electoral temperature-taking than a mandate to convert the island into an American state.”

Statehood should not be the equivalent of throwing a drowning swimmer a lifesaver.

Puerto Rico must ably address its economic distress and pursue statehood by assuring Congress and the rest of United States that it would be a strong and capable addition, not a chronically needy one.”




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~~Should Puerto Rico Become The 51st State?~~

~~Published on Jun 4, 2017~~

There are 3.5 million US citizens currently facing one of the worst financial crises in this country – and they’re all in Puerto Rico.

The US government has an almost 120-year-long relationship with Puerto Rico – which is a territory, not the 51st state. But what has that relationship looked like? Why is Puerto Rico still a territory, and what do Puerto Ricans, themselves, want for their future? Explore these questions – and some others – with Sana Saeed, who starts the story at the very beginning: May 12, 1898.


We ALL are ONE!! 

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