Ari Melber …. “The Last Word …. Talking Medicaid Cuts With Family Impacted by Disability …. “!!


~~June 27, 2017~~ 


This will be a short post because I would like those who visit to watch the video. This is only one of the many American citizens with disabilities whose life will be in peril if this monstruosity:

Better Health Care Bill” is passed by Congress.


Mother and Son

Medicaid isn’t about politics, it’s about lives
Mike Phillips is severely physically disabled, but thanks to Medicaid, he’s able to be cared for at home by his family.

In a remarkable interview with Ari Melber, Mike and his mother Karen Clay explain how Medicaid cuts would literally end life as they know it.



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Ari Melber Breaks Down in Tears While Talking Medicaid Cuts With Family Impacted by Disability

~~Published on Jun 24, 2017~~

During June 23rd’s broadcast of MSNBC’s The Last Word, guest host Ari Melber spoke to Mike Phillips and his mother, Karen Clay.

Phillips lives with spinal muscular atrophy and Clay is his full-time caregiver. Melber spoke with the two because Phillips stands to lose Medicaid benefits if the proposed Senate health care bill is passed.


We ALL are ONE!! 


12 thoughts on “Ari Melber …. “The Last Word …. Talking Medicaid Cuts With Family Impacted by Disability …. “!!

    • I’m so glad for you!! I envy you … in a healthy way. I wish I could live where you are! My spirit gets weaker and weaker by the day … I can’t stand what’s happening here!!


      • I know … I told somebody the other day that I wish I could have Dorothy’s red shoes so that I could click my heels three times and return to the world I once knew. But perhaps I never really knew it … 😥

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have come to the conclusion that people wear masks, that we never really know another person. And since our world is comprised of people, perhaps we only thought we knew our world. All the bigots that have come out from under their rocks in the past decade … they didn’t just suddenly decide to hate blacks, Jews, LGBT, Muslims … that hate had to have been there all along, but they hid it well. People I once called ‘friend’, I no longer know, for they have suddenly shown the ugliness that is in their heart, and I no longer respect or understand them. Sigh. I don’t get it … I just don’t get what the colour of a person’s skin, their beliefs, their choice of a soul-mate … what does it matter? I have two very good friends, Brian & Bryan, who married two years ago. Brian had Lou Gehrig’s disease and they knew he would die, but they were so proud to finally be able to marry. It took them several months to find a church that would allow their marriage. Brian died last year. My heart breaks … 😥

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      • I totally understand you, my dear friend. I have lost friends too … and a very close family member.
        To me, it’s a matter that I can’t hold a connection with anyone that supports this clown. I do believe, like you, that they always felt and thought this way … look at the hate crimes. Drumpf has opened a door that I fear will be very difficult to close. He’s given them permission to think, feel, act and express themselves ‘in the open’.
        There’s no shame anymore in being hateful, intolerant, etc.
        My heart brakes. I haven’t been myself since the night of the election results. I don’t understand how people can go around their regular business … even though I know that life does go on. I’ve been on ‘fight or flight’ mode since that fateful night … I want to pick up and go somewhere else yet, in reality, I can’t. The connections, the family, etc. is all here.
        My circle of friends has decreased considerably. it’s beyond saddening to me.
        Here’s a tight Puerto Rican hug for you … love ya!! ❤

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